BBD in a nutshell

BBD was established in Jan 2019 aiming at creating a digital services provider with a unique proposition.

The proposition was divided into 5 main pillars:

Premium Publisher Representation

Where by BBD covers the gap between good or potential publishers and the digital media agencies. Mastering the common lingo and capable of streamlining the communication between them will help boost the business at both sides.

Best in Class SMS Advertising

Providing the market with the best SMS services, be it bulk campaigns or targeted ones, building at the vast experience of the company members who already pioneered in this business in Egypt and were always on top of its performance keys.

GDN & Social Adverting

Empowering clients who do not have the premium advertising budgets to be present on non premium platforms like GDN, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms, be it for branding purposes or for convergence objectives.

Commercial Partnership with Businesses

Revenue sharing and partnering with potential businesses that lack a robust commercial arm. Using its sales, marketing and advertising skills, BBD would lead the commercial front aiming at developing the business and creating a sustainable and healthy growth rate.

Own Digital Product

On a lower profile, creating our own digital service that would cover a potential market need.